net.sourceforge.scopes Main package with base classes Contains classes to manage scope builders. Contains implementations of builders. Implementation of the "click" scope.
net.sourceforge.scopes.filters Filters for the use of Scopes in an HTTP Servlet environment.
net.sourceforge.scopes.impl Implementation of the main classes.
net.sourceforge.scopes.managers Scope managers, i.e. classes that create and manage scopes.
net.sourceforge.scopes.managers.impl Main scope manager implementations.
net.sourceforge.scopes.rewriters Page and redirect-path rewriters.
net.sourceforge.scopes.rewriters.impl Rewriters implementations.
net.sourceforge.scopes.taglib Scopes tag libraries.
net.sourceforge.scopes.util Scopes utilities.
net.sourceforge.scopes.window Window scope implementation.